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Excel Test ISEE Upper Level Course Manual - $299.00

Published by Excel Test, this Upper Level course manual was developed using real Upper Level tests and questions. The study guide includes chapters on every topic that the Upper Level covers:

Verbal Topics

  • ISEE Upper Level Reading Comprehension
  • ISEE Upper Level Synonyms/Sentence Completion
  • ISEE Upper Level Verbal Review

Math Topics

  • ISEE Upper Level Geometry Review
  • ISEE Upper Level Algebra Review
  • ISEE Upper Level Quantitative Comparison
  • ISEE Upper Level Math Review

Writing Topics

  • ISEE Upper Level Essay Writing

This course manual is designed to be used in conjunction with a Excel Test Classroom, Private 1-on-1, or Online course. Purchasing the course manual without a corresponding course, while still offering valuable benefits, does not come with any support. However, you still have the option to get tutoring in any area covered by the course manual through Excel Test at an additional charge. Also, if you enroll in a corresponding Excel Test classroom course, private 1-on-1 course, or online course within six months of purchasing this particular course manual, we will give you a credit of $100 back.


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ISEE Upper Level Exam Pack - $299.00

Published by Excel Test, these Upper Level ISEE exams were developed using real Upper Level ISEE tests and questions. Practice test materials for the ISEE are very difficult to find, but they are an integral part of the preparation process. These six tests are valuable resources for anyone looking to do well on the ISEE! Solutions are provided to each exam. Free online grading with computerized feedback comes included with purchase. Please note: there is no instructional support included with this purchase. However, hourly tutoring is available for many products at additional cost.